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So Who’s Going to Give Her a Bath


This women does a whole routine in the bathroom live on cam. It’s the first and only one I’ve seen like that and it is pretty damn sweet.

She works up some soap on her lufa sponge and asks those in her channel what and how she should wash next, you get the idea. So simple, yet so sexy, hot, erotic, it’s just brilliant.

It really is pretty impressive how good the amateur girls on these cams are. A few years ago I would never have guessed that they didn’t or hand’t been doing this professionally and by that I mean that they are not actually employed by a porn network or doing professional porn contracts in the sense it has pretty much always been.

Of course they are technically professionals since they get paid, in one way or another, to do this, but you know what I mean.

One of the absolute sweetest things since the revival of the live porn cam industry is that much of it is pretty much gratis and here you can get a 100% off XCams discount.

You Gotta Love Summer!

This is Summer Brielle, as the name says in the pic which would make it stating the obvious but she goes by a ton of similar names too like Summer Taylor, Brielle Taylor and a few other derivatives.

This beauty from Tennessee in the USA was born on the 7th of February 1987 making her 31 years young. She has a couple of tattoos and pierced naval but her biggest asset for porn, like just about any other girl is her tits. She sports a 34G chest which was obviously money well spent as very few men I know have any issue with fake titties.

She is one of the honeys from the PUBA stable who I see have grown to represent over 40 of the world’s top pornstars today. They are also running a host of amazing membership specials which are so good, honestly that I find it hard to believe. 5 bucks…

Yup, you can pick up a Puba deal for up to 87% in savings which gets you complete access to the entire network for 30 days!

Amy Valentine is Such a Honey!

Not only is she smoking hot, Amy Valentine is awesome too.

I personally feel like these online chat sites are completely underrated. Not only do you actually get to interact with the models as opposed to conventional porn movies where you just look at something that was recorded in the past, but you can also influence things. By that I mean that these girls are exhibitionists, they crave and love the attention and moreover they get turned on by you getting turned on and so they are almost always welcoming requests from you.

One of the things that I enjoy most about these kind of sites is that unlike trying to make conversation with some random stranger at a pub perhaps, where you have no idea if she’s even interested in chatting to you to begin with, these girls are always friendly and they are there for you to chat to. It’s such a confidence builder and has actually helped me with my real life social interaction.

Did you know you canĀ chat live with amyvalentine for free?