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All the free live camming etiquette tips you need

You’d be surprised as to how popular the live nude cam is. Usually when people put the word free and sex together, a lot of people get excited, but they also get skeptical. It’s very reasonable for people to get skeptical when you see the pairing of those two words, or their permutations, put together. Usually, people desire sex. Usually people are excited about sex. People are also excited about free stuff. That’s why they can’t help but feel curious, but at the same time suspicious, when these two words are put together. Unfortunately, a lot of the free live porno entertainment out there sucks. Seriously. In fact they shouldn’t even be advertised as free because you’re paying with the most important thing you will ever have in this life. You are paying with your time. And a lot of these shows, I’m sorry to say, are just complete waste of time. How many times have you gone to a free live porno show and the chick is just staring at the screen, waiting for somebody to tip her? When they tip her, then she does something. It’s a long waiting game, and sadly, there’s tons of pathetic losers at the other side just waiting for some other loser to pay money. So, how do you carry yourself in such a situation? First, you don’t goad or insult the model. This is really bad form, and it’s going to put her in a bad mood. If you’re looking for a good show, then you’re going to work with her, not against her. Second, don’t be an asshole. Seriously. If a chick’s putting on a show and she’s not that good-looking, don’t be an asshole and tell her you’re ugly. Sexiness is not about what you look, sexiness is all about your attitude. Put these two tips together, and you’re good to go.